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Ancient Lights

by Shelagh Stephenson


Staged at The Admiral Bar, 72A Waterloo Street, Glasgow 


Produced by Tony McCaffery

Directed by Aaron Pennie


Do you ever look in the mirror and fail to recognise the person looking back at you?


This contemporary play entices us to think about how we define our character to ourselves, and others, as well as being a satire on society's current obsession with celebrity and a study of the pressure placed on the celebrities themselves.


All of the adults in Shelagh Stephenson's play are successful media personalities: an American film star, a television war reporter, an Irish writer, a Public Relations company owner and a film maker. All are old friends from their days at university and to some extent dissatisfied with their lot. As Stephenson unpeels the layers of hype and popular image we get a look at who they might be without the press releases and publicity façade.

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