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by Peter Quilter


Staged The Fort Theatre, Bishopbriggs, Glasgow 


Produced by Tony McCaffery

Directed by Tony McCaffery, Pauline McKenna & Aaron Pennie


This hilarious performance showcases the ever-changing yet constant dynamics of all kinds of relationship; casting an astute eye over friendships and romance, marriage and divorce.


Throughout the acts, diverse "couples" talk about everything from life and love to loneliness and lethargy. The trepidatious blind date is lampooned in Act One, with Jonathon and Wendy ploughing their way bravely through the first stages of acquaintanceship, uncovering exaggeration, embellishments and embarrassments along the way.


In Act Two, the politics of marriage and unrequited love are explored pragmatically by Barrie, a gay man, and Janet, his assistant, whose professional relationship hides a romantic secret from them both.


The great British holiday is the topic of Act Three, as divorcing couple Shelley and Bobby try to survive in Torremolinos living separate lives from the same hotel room.


Act Four addresses a marital theme as well, with siblings Toby and Angela preparing for her imminent wedding, before several catastrophes begin to make it appear fundamentally damned.

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