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by Neil LaBute


Staged at The Fort Theatre, Bishopbriggs and The Admiral Bar, Glasgow


Produced by Tony McCaffery 
Directed by Steven Duffy


Scottish actor Steven Duffy takes the director’s seat at acting cubed.  The former Small Faces and Taggart actor joins forces with the group to present Autobahn: A Short Play Cycle by acclaimed playwright and filmmaker Neil LaBute.

Autobahn is a series of disconnected scenes set in the front seats of cars – veering between dark and comic.


And Steven said: “Neil LaBute, wrote in the Forward to ‘Autobahn’ that he is not a car person, well to be honest… neither am I.  But there is something about the conversations that happen in cars that take on a life of their own. I don’t know if it is the self-imposed claustrophobia, or the visually distracting nature of a 360° glass bubble that protects, and at the same time allows us to participate mechanically in the world around us. Be it in a car park, the drive back from Rehab, at a notorious break-up hot spot or on the motorway. No two car journeys are ever the same. Life is what happens along the road to somewhere else. But sometimes it’s a miracle some people even make their true destination."

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